Best Crime Thriller Telugu Movies In Amazon Prime And Important Facts

1. “Careful” – A gripping thriller about a woman who gets caught in a web of deception and betrayal after a tragic accident. The film keeps viewers on the edge of their seats with its twists and turns.
2. “Evaru” – This Telugu crime thriller follows a woman who is accused of murder and must prove her innocence with the help of a cunning lawyer. The film received critical acclaim for its screenplay and performances.
3. “Kshanam” – A man embarks on a dangerous quest to find his ex-girlfriend when she suddenly goes missing. The film is praised for its suspenseful plot and engaging storytelling.
4. “Goodachari” – This espionage thriller follows a young man who discovers his father’s dark past and must navigate a web of espionage and deceit to uncover the truth. The film received positive reviews for its fast-paced action sequences and intriguing storyline.
5. “Manu” – A man seeks revenge against those who wronged him in this gritty crime thriller. The film stands out for its unique narrative style and intense performances.
Important Facts:
– Amazon Prime offers a wide selection of Telugu crime thriller movies for viewers to enjoy.
– These films often feature complex plots, morally ambiguous characters, and suspenseful storytelling.
– Telugu crime thrillers are known for their high production values and engaging performances by talented actors.
– Many Telugu crime thrillers have been praised for their innovative storytelling and unique approach to the genre.
– Watching Telugu crime thrillers on Amazon Prime is a convenient and affordable way to enjoy high-quality entertainment from the comfort of home.

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