Best Thrillers On Amazon Prime Telugu And Important Facts

1. Thadam (2019) – A crime thriller that revolves around a murder investigation and the main suspect’s doppelganger.
2. Evaru (2019) – A suspense thriller that follows the story of a woman who gets ensnared in a web of lies and deceit.
3. Gatham (2020) – A psychological thriller that delves into the mind of a man haunted by his past.
4. Forensic (2020) – A gripping thriller that combines elements of forensic science and psychology in solving a series of murders.
5. HIT: The First Case (2020) – A detective thriller that follows the investigation of a missing woman and the uncovering of dark secrets.
Important Facts:
1. Thrillers are a popular genre in Telugu cinema, known for their intense plots and suspenseful storytelling.
2. Many Telugu thrillers on Amazon Prime have garnered critical acclaim and audience praise for their gripping narratives and strong performances.
3. The success of Telugu thrillers on streaming platforms like Amazon Prime reflects the growing popularity of regional cinema and the diversity of content available to audiences.
4. The thrillers listed above are just a few examples of the exciting and engaging content that Telugu cinema has to offer on Amazon Prime.

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