Cold Pursuit Worst Movie Ever Ending And Important Facts

“Cold Pursuit” may not be the worst movie ever, but it certainly has a polarizing ending that many viewers found unsatisfying. The film concludes with a twist where it is revealed that the protagonist’s son was not actually killed by drug dealers as initially believed, but by a vengeful Native American drug lord. This sudden shift in the narrative left many audience members confused and disappointed.
Despite its divisive ending, “Cold Pursuit” did have some important aspects worth noting. It was a remake of the Norwegian film “In Order of Disappearance” and marked Liam Neeson’s first comedic role in years. The film also addressed themes of revenge, redemption, and the cycle of violence, offering a different take on the typical action thriller genre.
Ultimately, while the ending of “Cold Pursuit” may not have been well-received by all viewers, the film still has its merits and is worth a watch for fans of Liam Neeson’s work.

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