Top 10 Amazon Prime Tamil Movies And Important Facts

1. Pariyerum Perumal (2018) – This critically acclaimed film follows the story of a young Dalit man who faces discrimination and oppression while pursuing his education.
2. Kaithi (2019) – A action thriller film about a former convict who gets caught up in a drug smuggling operation while trying to reunite with his daughter.
3. Thani Oruvan (2015) – A crime thriller about a dedicated police officer who takes on a corrupt businessman and his criminal empire.
4. Super Deluxe (2019) – This dark comedy drama tells the intersecting stories of several characters dealing with unconventional situations.
5. Vada Chennai (2018) – A crime drama film set in the backdrop of North Chennai, which follows the life of a young carrom player who gets caught up in the world of crime.
6. Maanagaram (2017) – A thriller film that intertwines the lives of several characters in the bustling city of Chennai.
7. Visaranai (2015) – Based on true events, this crime drama follows the story of a group of innocent men who are falsely accused and tortured by the police.
8. Jigarthanda (2014) – A black comedy film about a struggling filmmaker who decides to make a gangster film but gets entangled in the real world of gangsters.
9. Raja Rani (2013) – A romantic drama film that follows the lives of a newly married couple who must confront their past relationships and insecurities.
10. Aruvi (2016) – This social drama film tells the story of a young woman who seeks revenge against society after facing betrayal and injustice.

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