Top 10 Crime Series On Amazon Prime And Important Facts

1. “Bosch” – Based on Michael Connelly’s bestselling novels, this series follows LAPD detective Harry Bosch as he solves crimes around Los Angeles.
2. “Mindhunter” – This psychological crime thriller series follows two FBI agents as they interview serial killers to understand their motives and psychology.
3. “Sneaky Pete” – After assuming his cellmate’s identity, a conman becomes entangled in his new “family’s” criminal activities.
4. “The Sopranos” – This classic series follows mob boss Tony Soprano as he juggles his criminal lifestyle with his personal and family life.
5. “Goliath” – Billy McBride, a disgraced lawyer, takes on a case against his former law firm and uncovers a web of corruption and crime.
6. “The Americans” – Set during the Cold War, this series follows two Soviet KGB officers posing as a married American couple in Washington D.C.
7. “Jack Ryan” – Based on the novels by Tom Clancy, this series follows CIA analyst Jack Ryan as he uncovers terrorist plots around the world.
8. “True Detective” – Each season of this anthology series follows different detectives as they investigate complex and dark crimes.
9. “Hanna” – A teenage girl with extraordinary abilities must navigate the world of espionage and assassins while uncovering the truth about her past.
10. “Gangs of London” – This British crime drama follows the power struggles within the criminal underworld of London.
Important Facts:
– Crime series on Amazon Prime often delve into complex moral dilemmas and explore the grey areas of the law.
– Many crime series are based on bestselling novels or real-life cases, adding depth and realism to the storytelling.
– These series often feature strong, complex characters who must navigate dangerous situations and make difficult choices.
– The popularity of crime series on Amazon Prime shows the enduring appeal of the genre and its ability to captivate viewers with compelling stories and suspenseful plots.

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