Top 10 Horror Movies On Amazon Prime Telugu And Important Facts

1. “Anando Brahma” – A comedy horror film about a group of people who accidentally summon a ghost in their haunted house.
2. “Ninnu Kori” – A psychological horror film about a man who begins to experience paranormal activities after moving into a new house.
3. “Pisaasu” – A supernatural thriller about a man who is haunted by the ghost of a girl he accidentally killed.
4. “Awe!” – A horror anthology film that explores different supernatural elements through various interconnected storylines.
5. “Rakshasudu” – A psychological horror film about a man who is possessed by a demon and must fight to regain control of his body.
6. “Raju Gari Gadhi” – A horror comedy film about a group of friends who stay in a haunted hotel and encounter ghostly occurrences.
7. “Mantra” – A suspense thriller about a woman who experiences strange visions and paranormal activities in her new home.
8. “Avunu” – A supernatural horror film about a couple who discovers that their new house is haunted by a vengeful spirit.
9. “U Turn” – A horror thriller about a journalist investigating a series of mysterious deaths at a particular intersection.
10. “Bhaagamathie” – A horror suspense thriller about a woman who is possessed by the spirit of a former queen and must uncover the truth behind her death.
Important facts:
– Many Telugu horror films blend elements of comedy, suspense, and supernatural elements.
– Telugu horror films often feature strong female leads and focus on themes of revenge, possession, and supernatural occurrences.
– The horror genre in Telugu cinema has seen a rise in popularity in recent years, with filmmakers experimenting with different storytelling techniques and visual effects.
– Many Telugu horror films draw inspiration from folklore, mythology, and urban legends to create unique and engaging storylines.
– The success of recent Telugu horror films has paved the way for more diverse and innovative storytelling in the genre.

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