Top 10 Serial Killer Movies On Amazon Prime And Important Facts

1. “Zodiac” (2007) – Based on the true story of the infamous Zodiac Killer, this film follows the investigation and obsession of a cartoonist and a journalist to catch the killer.
2. “Se7en” (1995) – A psychological thriller about two detectives tracking down a serial killer who uses the seven deadly sins as his motives for murder.
3. “American Psycho” (2000) – A dark comedy thriller starring Christian Bale as a wealthy New York City investment banker who doubles as a serial killer.
4. “The Poughkeepsie Tapes” (2007) – A found-footage horror film about a serial killer who records his crimes on videotape.
5. “Monster” (2003) – Charlize Theron stars as real-life serial killer Aileen Wuornos in this biographical crime drama.
6. “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” (2011) – A remake of the Swedish film, this thriller follows journalist Mikael Blomkvist and hacker Lisbeth Salander as they investigate a series of gruesome murders.
7. “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” (1974) – A classic horror film loosely inspired by real-life serial killer Ed Gein.
8. “Wolf Creek” (2005) – Based on true events, this Australian horror film follows three backpackers who encounter a serial killer in the outback.
9. “The Snowtown Murders” (2011) – A crime drama based on the real-life “bodies in barrels” murders in Australia.
10. “The House That Jack Built” (2018) – Directed by Lars von Trier, this controversial film follows the life and murders of a serial killer named Jack.
Important Facts:
– Many of these films are inspired by real-life serial killers and events.
– These movies often explore the psychological motivations and methods of serial killers.
– Viewer discretion is advised as these films contain graphic violence and disturbing themes.
– Some of these films have been criticized for glorifying or sensationalizing violence.
– Serial killer movies can be a popular genre for fans of true crime and horror films.

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