Top 10 Thrillers On Amazon Prime And Important Facts

1. “Gone Girl” – A twisty and suspenseful thriller about a wife who goes missing and the husband who becomes the prime suspect.
2. “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” – A gripping mystery about a journalist and a computer hacker who team up to solve a decades-old disappearance.
3. “Prisoners” – A tense thriller about a father who takes matters into his own hands when his daughter goes missing.
4. “Wind River” – A chilling thriller about a wildlife tracker and an FBI agent who team up to solve a murder on a Native American reservation.
5. “Nightcrawler” – A dark and intense thriller about a freelance journalist who gets caught up in the world of crime journalism.
6. “Zodiac” – A thrilling and suspenseful film about the hunt for the elusive Zodiac Killer in San Francisco.
7. “The Silence of the Lambs” – A classic and iconic thriller about an FBI trainee who seeks the help of a brilliant but insane psychiatrist to catch a serial killer.
8. “Enemy” – A mind-bending thriller about a man who discovers he has a doppelganger and becomes obsessed with finding out the truth behind his double.
9. “Nocturnal Animals” – A haunting and suspenseful film about a woman who receives a novel written by her ex-husband that becomes a twisted and dark reflection of their past.
10. “Leave No Trace” – A quiet and contemplative thriller about a father and daughter living off the grid who are forced to confront their past and the outside world.
Important Facts:
– Amazon Prime Video offers a variety of thrilling and suspenseful movies and TV shows for subscribers to enjoy.
– Thriller movies often feature suspenseful and mysterious plots that keep viewers on the edge of their seats.
– Many thriller movies on Amazon Prime have received critical acclaim and have a strong fan following.
– Thriller movies often explore themes of mystery, crime, psychology, and the human condition.
– Amazon Prime Video regularly updates its library with new and classic thrillers for subscribers to discover and enjoy.

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