Top 10 Worst Amazing Race Teams And Important Facts

1. Tian and Jaree – Season 4: Known for their constant arguments and inability to work together, they were one of the most dysfunctional teams in Amazing Race history.
2. Jonathan and Victoria – Season 6: Jonathan’s controlling and aggressive behavior towards Victoria made them one of the most controversial and disliked teams on the show.
3. Abbie and Ryan – Season 21: Despite being strong competitors, their poor sportsmanship and negative attitude towards other teams made them unpopular with both fans and fellow racers.
4. Jet and Cord – Season 16: Known for their stubbornness and refusal to adapt to new strategies, they were often left behind by other teams and struggled to keep up.
5. Flo and Zach – Season 3: Flo’s constant whining and negativity made them one of the most frustrating teams to watch, as she often held Zach back with her attitude.
6. Teri and Ian – Season 3: Ian’s temper and abrasive personality made them a difficult team to root for, as they often clashed with other racers and struggled to work together.
7. Gary and Mallory – Season 18: Despite their likable personalities, their lack of communication and coordination led to multiple mistakes and ultimately their elimination from the race.
8. Mika and Canaan – Season 15: Mika’s fear of heights and water made it nearly impossible for them to complete challenges, leading to their early elimination from the race.
9. Dani and Jordan – Season 16: Their constant bickering and lack of communication made them a less effective team, as they often struggled to make decisions and work together.
10. Nadiya and Natalie – Season 21: Known for their abrasive personalities and tendency to alienate other teams, they were often seen as the villains of their season.

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