Top Ten Music Video And Important Facts

1. “Thriller” by Michael Jackson – This iconic music video was directed by John Landis and is one of the first music videos to tell a narrative story.
2. “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” by Beyoncé – This music video popularized the dance routine known as the “Single Ladies Dance” and won three awards at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.
3. “Gangnam Style” by Psy – This music video became the first video to reach one billion views on YouTube and popularized K-pop around the world.
4. “Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears – This music video catapulted Britney Spears to stardom and is considered one of the most iconic music videos of the early 2000s.
5. “Like a Prayer” by Madonna – This music video caused controversy due to its religious themes and use of Christian imagery, but is considered one of Madonna’s most visually stunning videos.
6. “Hey Ya!” by OutKast – This music video features André 3000 playing all eight members of the band, including a parody of The Beatles, and won the 2004 MTV Video Music Award for Video of the Year.
7. “Hurt” by Johnny Cash – This music video, released shortly before Cash’s death, is a poignant reflection on his life and legacy, and is considered one of the greatest music videos of all time.
8. “Formation” by Beyoncé – This music video, released the day before Beyoncé’s halftime performance at Super Bowl 50, addresses issues of race, identity, and feminism, and sparked controversy for its political undertones.
9. “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen – This music video, released in 1975, is considered one of the first “promotional videos” and helped popularize the concept of making a visual accompaniment to a song.
10. “Take On Me” by a-ha – This music video, which combines live-action and animation, won six awards at the 1986 MTV Video Music Awards and is considered a groundbreaking piece of visual storytelling.

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