Worst Horror Movie Ever Made Bill Zebub And Important Facts

One of the worst horror movies ever made is considered to be “Jesus Christ: Serial Rapist” directed by Bill Zebub. The film received widespread criticism for its offensive and controversial subject matter, as well as its low production quality and amateurish acting.
Important facts about this movie include:
1. “Jesus Christ: Serial Rapist” was released in 2004 and quickly gained notoriety for its shocking and provocative title.
2. The film follows a fictionalized version of Jesus Christ who goes on a murderous rampage and commits various violent acts.
3. Bill Zebub, the director of the film, is known for his controversial and politically incorrect approach to filmmaking.
4. Despite receiving heavy criticism, “Jesus Christ: Serial Rapist” has developed a cult following among fans of extreme cinema.
5. The movie has been banned in several countries and is often cited as an example of the worst horror films ever made.

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