Worst Movie Ever Made Rotten Tomatoes And Important Facts

One of the worst movies ever made according to Rotten Tomatoes is “Gigli,” a 2003 romantic comedy starring Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. The film has a “rotten” rating of only 6% on the website.
Important facts about “Gigli” include:
1. The film was a critical and commercial failure, grossing only $7.2 million worldwide on a budget of $75.6 million.
2. “Gigli” was heavily criticized for its weak script, poor acting, and lackluster direction.
3. The movie also faced controversy due to the high-profile relationship between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, which was heavily publicized at the time.
4. “Gigli” won multiple Razzie Awards, including Worst Picture, Worst Actor (Ben Affleck), and Worst Actress (Jennifer Lopez).
Overall, “Gigli” is often cited as one of the biggest flops in Hollywood history and remains a cautionary tale for filmmakers and actors alike.

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