Top 10 Podcast Spotify Español And Important Facts

1. “Escucha el Norte” – A podcast that explores the stories and experiences of Latinx individuals living in the United States.
2. “Radio Ambulante” – A podcast that shares stories from Latin America and the Latinx community, covering a wide range of topics from culture to politics.
3. “Sobre la Mesa” – A podcast that discusses current events and social issues in Spain, offering insightful commentary and analysis.
4. “Genplayz” – A podcast that covers gaming and pop culture topics, featuring interviews with industry professionals and discussions on trending games.
5. “Café con Genotipo” – A podcast that focuses on health and wellness topics, offering tips and advice for living a balanced and healthy lifestyle.
6. “La Naranja Podrida” – A podcast that delves into true crime stories and mysteries, exploring the darker side of society.
7. “Voces en la Historia” – A podcast that explores historical events and figures, providing a deeper understanding of the past.
8. “La voz de los pobres” – A podcast that sheds light on social justice issues and advocacy efforts, amplifying the voices of marginalized communities.
9. “El Club de los Miedos” – A podcast that discusses horror and suspense topics, featuring chilling stories and analysis of the genre.
10. “El gran bollo mixto” – A podcast that covers a wide range of topics, from politics to entertainment, offering a variety of perspectives and insights.

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