Top 10 Podcast Spotify (méxico 2024) And Important Facts

1. Crime Junkie
2. The Joe Rogan Experience
3. El Chapo: Hasta Que Te Conocí
4. Radio Ambulante
5. La Corneta
6. Mindhunter
7. Dr. Muerte
8. La Corneta Podcast
9. La Tortillería
10. Expediente Oculto
Important Facts:
– Podcast listening has been steadily growing in Mexico, with an estimated 14.6 million monthly listeners in 2024.
– Crime and true crime podcasts are particularly popular in Mexico, with shows like Crime Junkie and Dr. Muerte being widely listened to.
– Spanish-language podcasts, such as El Chapo: Hasta Que Te Conocí and La Tortillería, are also gaining popularity in the country.
– Podcast listeners in Mexico tend to prefer a mix of entertainment, storytelling, and news content in their podcasts.
– The Joe Rogan Experience continues to be a top podcast in Mexico, showcasing the global reach and popularity of the show.

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