Top 10 Podcast Spotify México 2024 And Important Facts

1. “Dispara, Margot, dispara”: This podcast is a mix of comedy, politics, and entertainment, hosted by Margot y Mario.
2. “Letras y Cristal”: A podcast dedicated to literature and the arts, hosted by well-known Mexican authors and cultural figures.
3. “La Corneta”: A satirical and humorous look at current events and politics, hosted by the team behind the popular radio show.
4. “Sin Filtro”: A podcast that covers a wide range of topics, from tech and entrepreneurship to culture and society.
5. “Historias de Fantasmas”: A podcast that explores paranormal and supernatural phenomena, hosted by experts in the field.
6. “El Podcast de Clarín”: A podcast that delves into the world of journalism and media, hosted by journalists and editors from Clarín.
7. “Cocina, Historia, y Sabores”: A podcast that combines cooking, history, and culture, hosted by chefs and food experts.
8. “Misterios sin Resolver”: A podcast that investigates unsolved mysteries and strange occurrences, hosted by paranormal investigators and researchers.
9. “El Club de los Escritores”: A podcast that features interviews with prominent Mexican authors and discussions about literature and the writing process.
10. “Vidas Extraordinarias”: A podcast that tells the stories of fascinating people and events from history and around the world.

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