Top 10 Artists On Spotify In India And Important Facts

1. Badshah – Known for his catchy rap songs and collaborations with other popular artists in the Indian music industry, Badshah is one of the top artists on Spotify in India.
2. Arijit Singh – Arijit Singh is a renowned playback singer known for his soulful voice and romantic ballads that have captured the hearts of millions of listeners.
3. Neha Kakkar – Neha Kakkar is one of the most popular female playback singers in India, with a large following on Spotify for her peppy and energetic songs.
4. Guru Randhawa – Guru Randhawa is a Punjabi singer and songwriter who has gained widespread popularity for his upbeat and catchy tracks that blend traditional Punjabi music with modern pop sounds.
5. Darshan Raval – Darshan Raval is a versatile singer-songwriter known for his emotive and melodious songs that resonate with fans across India.
6. Jubin Nautiyal – Jubin Nautiyal is another popular playback singer known for his soulful and versatile voice, making him a favorite among music lovers on Spotify.
7. Armaan Malik – Armaan Malik is a talented playback singer with a strong presence on Spotify due to his powerful vocals and diverse range of songs.
8. Shreya Ghoshal – Shreya Ghoshal is a highly acclaimed playback singer known for her versatility and ability to effortlessly sing across various genres, making her one of the top artists on Spotify in India.
9. Tony Kakkar – Tony Kakkar is a singer-songwriter who has gained popularity for his catchy and upbeat tracks that have become chart-toppers on Spotify.
10. Millind Gaba – Millind Gaba is a versatile artist known for his unique blend of rap, hip-hop, and Punjabi music, making him a popular choice among listeners on Spotify in India.

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