Top 10 Current Spotify Artists And Important Facts

1. Bad Bunny – Puerto Rican reggaeton artist who has collaborated with major artists such as J Balvin and Cardi B.
2. Drake – Canadian rapper and singer who holds the record for the most Billboard Hot 100 top 10 hits.
3. Ariana Grande – American pop singer known for her powerful vocals and numerous chart-topping hits.
4. The Weeknd – Canadian R&B artist who has won several Grammy Awards and has had multiple number one singles.
5. BTS – South Korean boy band that has achieved global success and has a massive fan base called the “ARMY.”
6. Taylor Swift – American singer-songwriter who has won multiple Grammy Awards and is known for her storytelling lyrics.
7. Justin Bieber – Canadian pop singer who rose to fame as a teenager and has continued to produce hit songs.
8. Billie Eilish – American singer-songwriter known for her unique sound and style, and for becoming the youngest artist to win all four major Grammy Awards in one night.
9. Post Malone – American rapper and singer known for his genre-blending music and chart-topping hits.
10. Dua Lipa – British singer known for her catchy pop hits and strong vocal performances.

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