Top 10 Educational Podcasts On Spotify And Important Facts

1. “The EdSurge Podcast” – Hosted by EdSurge, this podcast covers a wide range of topics in education, from technology in the classroom to policy and advocacy.
2. “Truth for Teachers” – Hosted by Angela Watson, this podcast offers practical tips and strategies for teachers to improve their effectiveness in the classroom.
3. “Education Next” – Produced by Education Next, this podcast features interviews with leading education researchers and policy experts.
4. “The Cult of Pedagogy Podcast” – Hosted by Jennifer Gonzalez, this podcast explores various teaching strategies and techniques to help educators improve their practice.
5. “The Learning Scientists Podcast” – Hosted by cognitive psychologists Dr. Megan Smith and Dr. Yana Weinstein-Jones, this podcast breaks down the science of learning and offers evidence-based strategies for effective studying.
6. “The TeachThought Podcast” – Hosted by the team at TeachThought, this podcast covers a wide range of educational topics, including curriculum design, assessment, and technology integration.
7. “The EdTech Podcast” – Hosted by Sophie Bailey, this podcast explores the intersection of technology and education, featuring interviews with edtech innovators and thought leaders.
8. “EduChange Podcast” – Hosted by Bianca Hewes, this podcast features conversations with educators and researchers about innovative teaching practices and educational trends.
9. “The Show About Science” – Hosted by Nate Barey, this podcast explores various scientific topics in a fun and engaging way, making it a great resource for teachers looking to incorporate more STEM content into their curriculum.
10. “The Bedley Brothers” – Hosted by Tim and Scott Bedley, this podcast covers a wide range of education topics, including teaching strategies, technology in the classroom, and professional development.
Important facts about educational podcasts:
– Educational podcasts can be a valuable resource for teachers looking to stay current on the latest trends and research in education.
– Many educational podcasts feature interviews with leading experts in the field, providing listeners with valuable insights and perspectives.
– Podcasts are a convenient way for educators to consume educational content on the go, making it easy to learn and grow professionally in their spare time.
– Educational podcasts can also be a great tool for professional development, offering practical tips and strategies that teachers can implement in their own classrooms.
– With a wide range of educational podcasts available on platforms like Spotify, educators have access to a wealth of information and resources to help them improve their practice and enhance student learning.

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