Top 10 Monthly Listeners Spotify Currently And Important Facts

1. Bad Bunny – 66.82 million monthly listeners
2. Justin Bieber – 61.87 million monthly listeners
3. The Weeknd – 59.93 million monthly listeners
4. Dua Lipa – 53.61 million monthly listeners
5. J Balvin – 47.72 million monthly listeners
6. Ariana Grande – 47.38 million monthly listeners
7. Drake – 46.67 million monthly listeners
8. Billie Eilish – 44.63 million monthly listeners
9. Ed Sheeran – 42.73 million monthly listeners
10. Taylor Swift – 40.39 million monthly listeners
Important facts:
– Bad Bunny currently holds the top spot for most monthly listeners on Spotify, showcasing the global popularity of Latin music.
– Justin Bieber’s return to the music scene with his album “Justice” has garnered him a large following on Spotify.
– The Weeknd’s distinct style and sound has solidified his place as one of the most listened-to artists on the platform.
– Dua Lipa’s infectious pop hits and memorable collaborations have helped her gain a massive following on Spotify.
– J Balvin’s reggaeton and Latin music appeal has earned him a loyal fan base on the streaming platform.
– Drake’s consistent releases and chart-topping hits make him a popular choice among Spotify users.
– Billie Eilish’s unique sound and storytelling abilities have resonated with listeners worldwide.
– Ed Sheeran’s diverse music catalog and melodic tunes have kept him in the top tier of Spotify’s most-streamed artists.
– Taylor Swift’s loyal fan base and successful albums have helped her maintain a strong presence on Spotify.

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