Top 10 Podcasts Spotify Deutschland And Important Facts

1. Gemischtes Hack – Hosted by comedians Felix Lobrecht and Tommi Schmitt, this podcast features a mix of humor, music, and discussions on various topics.
2. Fest & Flauschig – Comedian Jan Böhmermann and musician Olli Schulz team up for this podcast, offering a mix of comedy, music, and random musings.
3. Verbrechen von nebenan – A true crime podcast hosted by Sandra Müller and Sabina Wolf, focusing on unsolved mysteries and criminal cases.
4. Hotel Matze – Comedian Matze Knop interviews guests from the worlds of sports, music, and entertainment in this laid-back podcast.
5. Podcast ohne richtigen Namen – Hosted by Mockridge and award-winning journalist Sebastian Höffner, this podcast covers a wide range of topics, including politics, culture, and society.
6. Das NDR Info Coronavirus Update – A podcast that provides up-to-date information and analysis on the COVID-19 pandemic.
7. Hörspiel-Datenbank – A podcast that explores the world of audio dramas and audiobooks, featuring reviews, recommendations, and insights into the medium.
8. WDR 2 Sonntagsfragen – A podcast where host Sabine Heinrich interviews guests about their lives, careers, and perspectives on various topics.
9. Eye of the Beholder – A podcast that explores the world of art, design, and creativity, featuring interviews with artists, designers, and other creative professionals.
10. Babo-Bus – Comedians Teddy Teclebrhan and Faisal Kawusi team up for this comedic podcast, discussing current events, pop culture, and personal anecdotes.

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