Top 10 Spotify Podcasts Uk And Important Facts

1. “The Joe Rogan Experience” – Hosted by Joe Rogan, this podcast features long-form conversations with a wide range of guests discussing various topics.
2. “My Dad Wrote A Porno” – This comedic podcast follows a man reading out his father’s amateur erotic novel chapter by chapter.
3. “The Diary of a CEO” – Hosted by Steven Bartlett, this podcast offers insights and advice on business, personal growth, and more.
4. “The High Low” – Hosted by Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes, this podcast discusses pop culture, current events, and everything in between.
5. “No Such Thing As A Fish” – Hosted by the researchers behind the TV show QI, this podcast explores bizarre and interesting facts.
6. “Sh**ged Married Annoyed” – Hosted by comedian Chris Ramsey and his wife Rosie, this podcast offers humorous insights into their married life.
7. “The Adam Buxton Podcast” – Hosted by comedian and actor Adam Buxton, this podcast features interviews with various guests from the entertainment industry.
8. “The Blindboy Podcast” – Hosted by Blindboy Boatclub of the Irish band Rubberbandits, this podcast covers a wide range of topics including mental health, art, and politics.
9. “Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster” – In this podcast, hosts Ed Gamble and James Acaster invite celebrity guests to talk about their dream menu.
10. “Fortunately… with Fi and Jane” – Hosted by journalists Fi Glover and Jane Garvey, this podcast features conversations with interesting guests and discussions on current events.

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